The LIFE GySTRA project was invited as a case study in the “Transport and Air Quality” session at the “21st European Forum on Eco-Innovation for air quality” held in Sofia on 5th and 6th February. During the session, Dolores Hidalgo (CARTIF), representative of the project at the event, had the opportunity to talk with different experts about the process of implementation of the project and the results expected.


LIFE GySTRA presentation in ECoAP 2018.

On the other hand, the event provided numerous networking opportunities with representatives of the Commission, the LIFE program, European city councils and companies and research entities that showed their interest in the project.

Left) With representatives of Eurocities, OPUS and EU; Cent) With representative of Sofia municioality; Right) informal meetings during the event.

LIFE GySTRA actively participates in the EcoAP Forum

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